Recommended Reading from 2023

AI Crap by Drew DeVault

The singularity is not coming, but the most realistic promises of AI are going to make the world worse.

AI really blew up this year, and in a way that I think will only make peoples lives worse on average in the long term. Among all of the hype, some like-minded folk have been writing about the downsides of the "AI revolution".

Running one's own root Certificate Authority in 2023 by Michal Jirků

An interesting story about signing your own certificates for hosting HTTPS services. It's a good read, and was a fun throw-back for me to the pre-Let's Encrypt and HTTPS everywhere era of the web. I used to get up to similar shenanigans, though I was far less skilled at it and didn't really understand what I was doing. 😄

Executive Function Theft by Abigail Goben

Everyone is stealing your brain goop all the time, and we often don't even realize it.


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